Milwaukee Code Camp 2016 - 10/15/2016

Scott Addie

Scott Addie is an international speaker, a .NET Foundation member, an open source contributor, and a developer advocate of the modern web. Scott has reached masses of developers through blog posts, articles, courses, and speaking engagements at user groups, code camps, and conferences across the globe. With a strong emphasis on the Microsoft web technology stack, Scott holds nu

Steven Anderson

Steve Anderson is a forward-thinking information technologist, developer and blockchain enthusiast. Throughout his career he has focused on using technology to solve common business problems, increasing productivity and efficiency. A self-styled blockchain evangelist, he is co-host of The Blockchain Show podcast. He currently serves as a blockchain consultant and smart contract

David Berry

I'm a Solutions Architect with over 20 years of experience in building software systems. I started out as a Java developer and then switched to .NET in 2003. I've also done significant work with SQL Server and Oracle. I'm a Pluralsight author and I have presented talks at That Conference, Iowa Code Camp, Twin Cities Code Camp, Fox Valley .NET Users Group and the Cedar Rapids .N

Robert Boedigheimer

Robert Boedigheimer works for Schwan's Home Service providing business solutions with web technologies. He is a Microsoft MVP, a Progress Developer Expert (Fiddler), an ASPInsider, a Pluralsight author, and a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Robert regularly speaks at national and international events.

Anne Bougie

Anne Bougie is a senior software engineer with Skyline Technologies. She has been a developer for 18 years in the Fox Cities area working as a consultant in a variety of companies and industries. She has worked with many platforms and languages with a focus on Microsoft technologies. She specializes in MVC, Javascript, Azure, application design, and developer mentoring.

Dave Brock

Dave Brock is a software engineer with CUNA Mutual Group in Madison. He currently works on the .NET stack and JavaScript, and definitely has come a long way since marking up Geocities web pages in the mid-90s. In his spare time, Dave enjoys learning new things, hanging out with his family, and writing at daveabrock.com.

Dan Buholtz

Dan is a software engineer and a member of the Ionic Framework core team. He is a serial open-sourcerer and spends his time outside of work hanging out with his family and cheering on the Wisconsin Badgers. Before joining Ionic and jumping back into the web development world, Dan was a lead software architect specializing in Node.js web services for Brady Corporation. Dan is an

Milwaukee Code Camp

Making great things happen in Milwaukee!

J. Dietenberger

Experienced international leader and Harvard executive graduate trained with a demonstrated and awarded history in both corporate industry and also in university academia as faculty. Multilingual and highly skilled in Business Strategy, I.T. Leadership, Talent Development, Innovation & Business Solutions Product Management, Internship Programming, Outcomes and Project Leadershi

Dustin Ewers

My name is Dustin Ewers. I'm a full stack web developer who makes software to help people get more done and live better lives. I started programming in 2001 (in C++). Since then, I've chosen to focus my efforts on building user friendly web applications with C#, JavaScript, and ASP.NET. I've recently started to branch out into mobile development and data visualization. I

Michael Fazio

Michael Fazio is a Senior Software Engineer with Skyline Technologies, where he helps clients solve all kinds of problems in the web, mobile, and cloud spaces. Fazio is also an organizing committee member for Chicago Code Camp and Milwaukee Code Camp, as well as a presenter at user groups, code camps, and THAT Conference. Fazio has a love of all things mobile, voice assistants,

Jacob Fink

Jacob Fink currently works as an investment data analyst at Artisan Partners, where he tries to make complex data processing systems easier to use and understand. He is passionate about the potential of VR and AR to transform our world by making our interactions with computers more natural and intuitive. Jacob enjoys 3D printing, data visualization, real-time strategy games, an

David Giard

David Giard is a former accountant and a former biochemist, who has been developing solutions using Microsoft technologies for over 2 decades. Currently, David helps people build solutions in his role as a Microsoft Technical Evangelist. David has been very active in the developer community, speaking at numerous major conferences, code camps, and user groups around the world;

Frank Greco Jr

Frank is a Senior Application Architect at Northwestern Mutual in downtown Milwaukee. His current passions include orchestrating highly available applications using Kubernetes and full stack development using React and Node. He is actively involved in the development community and regularly contributes to open source. When Frank is not in front of his computer you can usually f

Steven Hicks

Steven Hicks is a full-stack web developer with over 15 years experience. He believes in clean, readable, and maintainable code. Steve likes to use the right tool for the job, especially if it is JavaScript. He strongly believes that if you ain't falling, you ain't learning. When he isn't crushing 1s and 0s or playing with his kids, you can find Steve at a triathlon, on his

Kamal Hussain

Kamal has close to 20 years of experience software engineering, team leadership and entrepreneurship. He has worked on more than 30 projects as a team leader, architect and software engineer. His areas of expertise include cloud, software defined networking, open source software, Linux and web applications. He has worked on different programming languages such as Python, Ja

Anthony Jesmok

Hi, I'm Anthony! I am an experienced and award-winning developer, tinkerer, evangelist, and team leader dedicated to serving the needs of both users and organizations. My work experience involves contributions to projects for startups, non-profits, higher education, medical technologies, automotive, and other industries in the Milwaukee area, Chicago and beyond. Currently, I am

Lance Larsen

Lance Larsen (www.lancelarsen.com) is a Microsoft MVP, an avid community speaker -and- president of the Madison .NET developer community (www.MADdotNET.com). Lance is a founder of HOLOSOFT™ (http://HOLOSOFT.net) - building the next generation of AR / VR software and hardware - if you have AR / VR projects that you and/or your company needs assistance with, please contact him

Greg Levenhagen

Greg Levenhagen is a Principal Consultant with Skyline Technologies, a Microsoft Regional Director (RD) and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). He has a great passion for giving back to the community and teaching. A true enthusiast of computer science, with passions and interests including AR/MR/VR, mobile, UX, architecture, distributed computing, automated testing, w

Lwin Maung

Full stack polyglot development consultant with passion for creating mobile, web, and cloud products with a flair for user experience and user interface design.

Min Maung

Min Maung is a technical architect for Concurrency. He is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in Windows Development. In the past he has participated in multiple hackathons and has often placed in top two places. He has worked in a multitude of industries ranging from financial to industrial. In his free time, Min organizes Chicago Code Camp and few user groups. He is

Mitch Muenster

Mitch Muenster is a Microsoft MVP, Xamarin MVP & Xamarin Certified Developer. He is passionate about building apps in Xamarin and teaching others how to be better developers. Along with building Xamarin Apps, Mitch is also interested in all things Azure, Iot, and Biohacking and currently has 2 implants.

Kevin Najimi

Kevin Najimi is an advocate for better technology in the investment management space. He has been developing software for 15 years and developing investment management systems for 11 years. He’s an active member in the Python community in Milwaukee and algorithmic trading communities in Chicago and New York City.

Michael Pavlak

Michael is a software craftsman with over 10 years experience working with .net technologies. Michael has a focus for team development and helping people succeed. He has volunteered to mentor technology enthusiasts via programs like Experience IT and would love nothing more than to work with motivated software developers all day long.

David Pine

David Pine is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (Web Applications) and an Evangelist working at Centare. David is a technical blogger, whose blogs have been featured on asp.net, blogs.msdn and microsoft.com. David is active in the developer community, contributing to popular open-source projects, serving as a mentor and giving back to stackoverflow.com. David enjoys

Kevin Remde

Kevin is an engaging and highly sought-after speaker, blogger, and IT community organizer. A prolific blogger, Kevin shares his thoughts, ideas and tips on his “Full of I.T.” blog (http://aka.ms/FullOfIT). He also presents to community events and IT and developer organizations throughout the U.S. In his past outside of Microsoft, Kevin has held positions such as software eng

Carl Schweitzer

Carl Schweitzer is a Software Development Engineer at Microsoft. He has a diversified experience in a wide array of technologies utilizing the Microsoft development platforms. He has a passion for mobile development and enjoys teaching and speaking on IoT and the cloud. A fan of technology, he loves learning new and applicable technologies in mobile, cloud, and the client en

Cameron Vetter

Cameron Vetter is a technologist with 20 years of experience using Microsoft tools and technologies to develop software. Cameron has experience in many roles including Development, Architecture, Infrastructure, Management, and Leadership roles. He recently received a Microsoft MVP award for his evangelism work around Deep Learning in Azure. He has worked for some of the larges

Adam Wolff

Adam Wolff has been doing .NET application developer for 8 years, currently at R.W.Baird. He enjoys learning and exploring the entire .NET web stack and making awesome web apps. In his spare time he is just trying to keep up with a couple of young kiddos.

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