Milwaukee Code Camp 2017 - 11/11/2017

"Hey Google, how do I create actions for the Assistant?"

This session was originally created in February of 2017, was called "Hey Google, how do I create actions for the Home?", and focused on creating Google Home actions (for the one GH device) on

It's now the fall of 2017, Actions on Google now work on both the Google Home (in fact, all three Google Homes) and the Google Assistant, and is now  Also, since that time, the following features have been added to the Home:
	- Assign multiple user accounts to a Home
	- P…
Beginner : cloud assistant google google home ai dialogflow google assistant

Apprentice to Master: Tech Lead and beyond…Drink your Milk and Cookies!

You have been a developer for a few years, you’ve worked on some big projects/teams and you have honed your coding skills, and now you are thinking about the next step in your career progression: tech lead. As a tech lead, you will be expected to lead the technical design process for your team and write great code. But you will also be expected to perform many non-technical tasks, like translating the business requirements to technical tasks and vice versa, assigning, delegating, and leading wor…
Beginner : career management soft skills leadership

AR/MR/VR - HoloLens, Immersive Headsets and VR HMDs! What you need to know!

Want to understand the current market for AR/MR/VR? A lot of devices and various technologies have been introduced over the last couple of years. Come to get an understanding of the device offerings, development platform options and where you want to spend your time.
Beginner : AR MR VR HoloLens ImmersiveHeadsets

Authentication Beyond Passwords: Risky Game or Legitimate Business?

Passwords have been bad news for quite a while. Good passwords are difficult to remember, easy to steal - and given recent history - easier to crack. Is there a better way to authenticate users? Can we just dump the password and move on? This session looks at where we stand with user authentication today, a comparison of multi-factor authentication options, and the possibilities for our password-free future.
Intermediate : app security authentication multi-factor authentication biometrics

Bad to Good: Techniques for Refactoring an Existing Codebase to a Better, More Test…

We all know how important it is to write testable code, but sometimes it is hard to know where to start.  This is especially when you are dealing with an existing codebase that wasn't designed with testability in mind.  Maybe you aren't quite sure how to refactor the code to a better design, how to implement dependency injection or how to use a mocking framework.  If so, this session is for you.

In a play by play style, we'll refactor an existing piece of code to a better, more testable desig…
Beginner : refactoring testable code dependencyinjection mocking

Beyond Code: Attributes of Successful Technologists

As the business landscape continues to rapidly evolve; shared services organizations, including technology and marketing, are required to work together effectively and efficiently with an organization's business units.  Having played a variety of roles including software engineer, digital marketer, and operations leader, Mark will share some of his experiences and thoughts surrounding the importance of building collaborative relationships and breaking out of the functional silos within your busi…
Beginner : Emotion Intelligence Grit Judgement Leadership

CI / CD with VSTS and the Beauty of Azure Web App Slots

Standing up a Web Application in Azure is easy enough using the integrated Visual Studio tooling. Using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) can be almost as straightforward and can offer bullet-proof reliability - ensuring that your builds are good and your deployments are better. In this talk, we will walk through some best practices with VSTS deploy and release tasks, and show you how to unit test your code for a successful build and integration test your release for a successful deploy - all w…
Intermediate : VSTS Azure C# PowerShell CI CD Deployment Release

Encrypting the Web

Does your entire web site require HTTPS?  If it doesn't now, it better soon!  Browser vendors have been pushing us in that direction for a while, requiring HTTPS to use new features like HTTP/2 and service workers.  Recently Chrome also decided to mark pages as "not secure" if they have a form field on a page with HTTP.  Discover the many benefits of using HTTPS beyond just confidentiality.  Learn about he misconceptions around HTTPS, and that it isn't as hard to implement as you think.    
Intermediate : HTTPS Security

ERC20 Tokens

Nothing has been more important to the rapid adoption of nascent blockchain technology than the ERC20 token standard. We will take a deep look at the ERC20 token. Attendees will have the option to have a certificate of completion stored on the blockchain.
Beginner : ERC20 Ethereum Blockchain Bitcoin

Exception Driven Development

If customer facing issues are your top priority, then you already adhere to the primary principle of Exception Driven Development.
It's a pretty simple concept: Collect application data, especially regarding errors and crashes, and then focus on fixing those problems that your users are actually experiencing. Join me for 60 minutes and I'll walk you through what you're doing wrong with your current log collection approach, and how you should be doing it. Additionally, we'll cover visualizing er…
Beginner : Exceptions Reporting

Falling in love with Angular all over again with the Angular CLI

I still remember the first application that I used AngularJS with, it was right after That Conference and I had a requirement that I thought would work out well with AngularJS.  I was right.  I built a few more AngularJS application and then came that AngularJS conference in which we were all told that Angular would be a complete rewrite of AngularJS.  I was crushed.

They say time heals all wounds.

I found myself back on the Angular bandwagon and a lot of it has to do with the Angular CLI.…
Beginner : Angular Angular CLI Web Development

Getting started with Xamarin.Forms & Xaml

New to Xamarin forms or looking for a refresher? come learn about getting a new project going with Xamarin forms with XAML, the benefits and some tricks learned along the way. Laptops set up with Xamarin recommended if you wish to follow along when coding.
Beginner : xamarin mobile xamarinforms xaml crossplatform

Give it a REST, GraphQL FTW 🎉

You've heard REST is dead right? WHAA? NO? REST was so just so last year.

Facebook created something called GraphQL. It's kinda "newish".. It's pretty awesome, it solves some major challenges we have today with our APIs. Ok it doesn't replace REST or sliced 🍞 but you do need to know what this is all about.

In this session I will introduce GraphQL and some of it's concepts. I'll show a few real world examples, while walking you through the different aspects of their implementation. In the …
Beginner : GraphQL APIs Node Facebook Awesome

Global Design & International Startup Accelerator Tour by J. Dietenberger

If  innovation, design, startups, engineering, technology, or international business interests you, this 60-minute presentation 
is for you.  Returning from an international speaking tour with stops at innovation accelerators and design events in Scandinavia, the Baltic, and Vienna, please join us when international and startup consultant, J. Dietenberger, university STEM, Business, & Design internship instructor presents highlights of this tour.  Following the 1-hour presentation will be a Q&A…
Intermediate : Innovation Startup Accelerator Design Engineering Technology International Business Entrepreneurship STEM Arts

HADOUKEN! HTML5 Game Developement

HTML5 presents a great opportunity to create browser based games that work across the array of tablet and smartphone based devices. In the near future, as the device environment becomes more diverse, developers will begin to adopt standards that work across all devices. With HTML5, Javascript and the free createJS engine, surprisingly sophisticated games can be created. In this workshop session, you'll be invited to code along with the instructor as you create a basic game and deploy it to a mob…
Intermediate : html5 game programming javascript

Hands on with Raspberry Pi's

Come enjoy some hands-on lab time with Raspberry Pi's! Stop by the room for more details. Runs all day!
Beginner : iot raspberrypi

Keys To Startup Success - Entrepreneurship In An Hour by J. Dietenberger

In this presentation, please join us when international and startup consultant, J. Dietenberger, university STEM, Business, Innovation & Design internship instructor presents an accelerated overview of startup methods, keys to success, and tested models of entrepreneurship.  From Design Thinking, to the Business Model Canvas, as well as a co-authored article review on this topic, this 1-hour is a great starter conversation on startups, innovation, and entrepreneurship.  If time allows, a brief e…
Beginner : startup ideate workshop business technology entrepreneurship innovation design thinking business model canvas

Making IoT Devices: PCB to Cloud

We all want to create devices and see them come to life. Making your own electronics is not as intimidating as you think. In the last 8 years, the Maungs have built their own robots and IoT devices from the ground up. They have seen the magic smoke or shorted electronics, splashed acid to etch custom PCB boards and deployed them in live environments from their own homes, cars, to devices in hospitals to monitor patients. In this workshop, the Maungs will show you how to design your very own sche…
Beginner : IoT Windows Development MicroController Cloud Azure Power BI BI PCB schematics

Servers? Where we're going, we don't need servers.

Today we still need actual servers to run web apps/APIs, but it's now possible to outsource your application infrastructure to the cloud.  In this talk, I'll cover what the pros/cons of Serverless Architecture are, and go over specific use cases, including building a serverless backend for a web application (made up of Azure Functions, Logic Apps, and Event Grid).  We'll also cover how we can use these same services to add customizations to home automation.
Beginner : Serverless Azure

The Creative Process of Coding

The process of writing software is often misunderstood. When you write business software you are not doing science, but rather art. Your job is not to build, but rather to design.

Designing good software is about more than writing code. Knowing what code to write requires empathy and good communication skills. But actually writing code in an academic sense requires more than technical skills as well. When you sit down to actually write code, you engage in a fundamentally creative process.

Beginner : Craftsmanship Creativity Deep Work Soft Skills

To Infinity and Beyond - computer vision and astronomy

This talk is an introduction to computer vision and image processing. Many image processing algorithms have broad applications, from drones, to backyard astronomers, up to space-based telescopes like Hubble and James Webb.

The first part of this talk demonstrates techniques like object tracking, feature detection, and image stacking, and how they can be used with the photos you already take.

The second part discusses how the lessons from image processing can be applied to programming in ge…
Intermediate : computer vision image processing

Unit Testing Your React App

Congratulations! You’re building a sweet new web application with React. But what are you doing for unit testing?

Setting your environment up for JavaScript unit testing can be intimidating. React tooling is phenomenal though, and makes setup a breeze. In this session, we’ll look at how to get started writing tests for your React app. We’ll dig into the features of Jest as a test-runner and test framework. Then we’ll take a look at Enzyme, a framework for testing your React components directl…
Beginner : React Testing

Using MiniProfiler to make .Net Core MVC Performance Simple

Application performance is something that is expected, but rarely asked for, by users.  Performance is easy to ignore until it is a problem.  In this talk, I will demo a tool called MiniProfiler that provides real-time performance feedback during development.  It can quickly reveal when and where performance issues arise.  We will use feedback from MiniProfiler to get better insight into the bottlenecks in our application and improve its speed.  Finally, we will explore how having simple, rapid …
Intermediate : .Net Core Performance MVC

Web Application Architecture Patterns with Angular and ASP.NET Core

Web applications have been around for over 20 years, but the pace of innovation is not slowing down. When building a modern web application, there are lots of choices to make.

In this session, you'll learn about three different ways to build an application with Angular and .NET Core. You'll learn about monoliths, serverless applications, and microservices. Throughout the way you'll learn the pros and cons of each architectural style. You'll also learn several different ways to integrate Angul…
Intermediate : angular dotnet core serverless microservices

What’s Cookin’ With Service Fabric

Service Fabric is a hyperscale microservices development and first-class container orchestrator that you probably have never heard of. Designed for a range of workloads of all different kinds of maturities, Service Fabric provides something for everyone. This session will discuss getting started with Service Fabric and what new features you may want to check out over your holiday break.
Intermediate : Service Fabric

What's new in C#

The C# language team has been making some awesome improvements. Back in March, we were given C# 7. This major release brought some powerful features; pattern-matching, local functions and first class tuples to name a few. Since then the team introduced the notion of point releases. Expect to learn about all the features of C# 7, as well as the C# 7.1 point release. Additionally, we'll take a look at what they're planning for the next major version C# 8.
Advanced : C# Languages Visual Studio 2017

Zero UI and 3D UI is the new BLACK

Ai is an ever popular and growing technology around us. As our devices become smaller and more powerful, we are now at the new dawn of an era with zero user interface. Conversely, how do you express and design for a 3D world on a 2D screen? our world is changing right before our eyes. Moving away from the glowing rectangles on our tables, pockets, and hands, we will show you how to put on a HoloLens and interact with Cortana. We will show you how to create both 2D and 3D applications and use Zer…
Beginner : Design UI/UX Alexa Echo Cortana IoT AI

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