Milwaukee Code Camp 2019 - 11/16/2019

Building Cloud Native ASP.NET Core Applications

There's no shortage of digital ink spilled on what the cloud can do for you. Instead of hitching your wagon to a specific provider, why not build your apps so they can work in nearly any cloud, including your own data center?

In this talk, you're going to learn how to build cloud native ASP.NET Core applications. You'll learn how to design ASP.NET Core apps that work well in cloud environments. You'll also learn how to use Docker and Kubernetes to host your apps on whatever cloud you want. By…
Intermediate : .net kubernetes docker cloud native

Cloud First Architecture

	The cloud has become table stakes for modern software architecture. Why do we still architect as though we are targeting our own data centers and force on-premise architecture to fit into cloud infrastructure? 
	This talk will focus on patterns and antipatterns to architect for the cloud, using Azure as an example. We will cover:
	• Architectural Patterns
	• Design Principals
	• Cloud Design Patterns
	• Best Practices
	• Performance Antipatterns
	You'll leave with an understandi…
Advanced : Azure Cloud Architecture Patterns Antipatterns

Cloud Ranching with Terraform

Managing a cloud (private, public or hybrid) is a lot like being a rancher; each day is wildly different, there is always something to fix, and bad things happen when the proverbial livestock go out of control. Swing on by and learn how to make your daily wrangling a little bit smarter, perhaps a bit cheaper, and a whole ton faster by codifying your cloud as code via Terraform.  While we’ll deep dive into code to show the “how”, we’ll also explore the prerequisite culture and practices that cons…
Intermediate : Cloud Terraform Ranching Chaos Wrangling

Coding in Teams: Divide and Conquer

When teams and projects are small then dividing the work between developers can be informal and easy.  As the team and project grows then this process becomes more difficult and more important.  The lines of communication between developers increases exponentially as the number of people grows.
  If work isn't divided properly some downsides can be development silos, decreased ownership by developers, and lack of work ready to demo at sprint close.
  We'll talk about best practices for breakin…
Beginner : Agile Teamwork Decomposition Communication Sprint

Creating and Maintaining an Open Source Library

You've got some awesome code that you've written, which you want to share with the community. Sure, you could simply post it on GitHub and be done with it, but is that the best way to share your work? What are the additional steps needed to share your code in a way that it will actually get used by the larger world? I'll discuss options for hosting , licensing, versioning, packaging, documenting, building, testing and even contributing to your code. All the things that will make someone else say…
Beginner : open source

Cryptography 101 with .NET Core

Learn the fundamentals of cryptography, including public/private and symmetric encryption, hashing, and digital signatures.  Discover which techniques are appropriate for various situations.  Review practical real life examples for storing passwords, protecting URL parameters, securely exchanging information with partners, and safely encrypting sensitive information on public web sites.  Concepts apply to all platforms, examples will be in C# for both .NET and .NET Core. 
Beginner : Security .NET Core .NET C# Cryptography

Developer Tools for AI and Machine Learning ⛏️⚙️🔧🧰

Getting started with AI and machine learning can be daunting. Use my research - we'll discuss several different tools that I find valuable and the different reasons. We'll take a quick walk-through each one so you get a better understanding. Covering pros and cons, providing suggestions on what they're good for in terms of possible goals, aligning with technical stacks, costs, and what their roadmaps look like.

Some of the tools we'll cover include:
Google's Cloud Machine Learning Engine
Beginner : ai artificialintelligence ml machinelearning tools azure aws gcp tensorflow keras pytorch anaconda jupyter

Google + Alexa: Cross-Assistant Apps

tl;dr - We'll discuss bots, compare Alexa and Google, and dig into how we can build one API for both platforms.

Remember when the Echo was made available back in late 2014?  It was invite only, then Prime only, then finally available for everyone the next summer.  Only, most people didn't really seem to care.  What does it even do?  Why should I bother?  Can't I just use my phone?

Quite a lot has changed with voice assistants in the past four-plus years; there now are approximately 7,000 E…
Beginner : alexa google google home google assistant voice voice assistants

I pwnd your system, but I won't bill you for that.

Independent contracting isn’t easy. Managing your own schedule can be difficult, let alone managing client expectations.

This is a story of how I was hired to do a short job, and promised better functionality. But instead I discovered, proved, and fixed a glaring MySQL injection exploit.

This talk will mostly be a kind of parable about working with clients as a contractor or consultant. I will be prepared with all the technical details of the SQL injection and talk about my trial and error…
Beginner : security consulting SQL

I said Unrelational, not Illogical -- Exercises in Database Design

In this day and age of Enterprise Software, I can't think of another three letters that show up more frequently on Job Postings than "SQL".  But just because Relational Databases are clean, uniform and organized, does not mean they're always the best tool for the job.  This talk will go into the design, benefits, and considerations of NoSQL/Unrelational Databases.  And remember, NoSQL doesn't stand for "No SQL" but rather, "Not Only SQL", so we'll also discuss how you can combine SQL and NoSQL s…
Beginner : Database Schema Design Data Engineering NoSQL SQL Performance

Intro to Accessibility: why, where, and how to make the internet for everyone.

The internet is for everyone! ...Except when it isn't. What happens when you get Lasik, or break an arm? Anyone could have trouble browsing the web, accessing their online banking, or even ordering a pizza. Learn how you can begin to make the web more accessible for everyone. This talk will introduce the basics of designing, writing, debugging, and testing web projects for accessibility.
Beginner : HTML CSS JavaScript UX design a11y

IoT Systems with Machine Learning and Custom Vision

Come to our session on advanced IoT Systems such as robots that has the machine learning. Computers can be trained to think and act just like humans as well. Using technologies such as Microsoft's Cognitive Services, we use to duplicate the learning processes that we learned as infants. The best part is, just like infants, the computers can be taught to trust the good identifiable features from bad ones by reinforced training. Let's see how that is accomplished.

We will be using custom vision…
Beginner : IoT UWP Azure

Kotlin - Less Code, More Fun

tl;dr - Write less (but safer!) code in your Android apps or any JVM-based projects

Ever work on an Android app and tire of all the boilerplate code?  Or spend hours chasing down NullPointerExceptions in your Java app?  Enter Kotlin, JetBrains' new(ish) free, open-source programming language that targets the JVM.  This means you can use it everywhere you use Java, but with a modern, succinct syntax.

For native Android developers, Kotlin is not only available, but it's now considered a firs…
Beginner : kotlin java android

Mastering Your Work

We have all met superstar Software Engineers and Developers. They work just over 40 hours a week, but get nearly twice as many PBI's done as everyone else, seemingly always have a solution to every problem, and have such high code quality that it's almost impossible to find a fault in their logic. Yet, when we try to follow in their footsteps, we end up with 60 hour work weeks, hair loss and broken keyboards. What do they do that is different from everyone else?

We'll take a look at how these…
Not Specified : Soft Skills Learning Work Life Balance Career Development

Microsoft Philanthropies TEALS - Transforming Computer Science Education with Indus…

There is an increasing demand for computer science courses yet a shortage of teachers with the subject matter expertise required to teach these classes. TEALS provides a short-term solution to the teacher shortage and helps schools build a long-term and sustainable computer science program by partnering teachers new to computer science with industry volunteers who have computer science content expertise. Teachers in these partnerships learn computer science while team-teaching with volunteers un…
Beginner : teachers developers engineers students partnerships

Open standards for machine learning model deployment

Machine learning and data science are in popular demand. Predictive model deployment is the part of the machine learning process where the practical results are achieved, when the model is used for generating predictions on new data (known as scoring). The deployment used to present big difficulties, as models were typically built in one environment and needed to be deployed in a different one. Often they would need to be re-implemented in a new programming language, that would be very slow and …
Intermediate : machine learning model deployment PMML ONNX open source

React Hooks: Lessons from a skeptic

Javascript ecosystem moves fast. This produces lots of libraries and frameworks; each one of these libraries come with varying levels of hype. If you are trying to #GetThingsDone, it is natural that you become cynical of new shiny things. I was skeptical about React Hooks when it was launched. Last 6 months and a handful of real world applications changed that view.

Come and learn how we are using hooks in production and why we converted some components to hooks and not all components. After …
Beginner : react reactjs hooks

Simplifying your life with Docker, Jenkins and Minikube

We all know the drill: Code app, check-in, get latest version, build and copy to each and every server. Then, we make a changes and need to do it all over again. However, this no longer need to be a time consuming repetitive, manual process. Tools like Docker, Jenkins and Kubernetes can help simplify and automate many of these steps. Finally, we can take our work balance back and let the machines earn their keep!

The talk will show the creation and deployment of a simple containerized applica…
Beginner : Docker Jenkins Minikube

Tell Web Ads to Shut Their Pi-hole!

Speed up your browsing and protect your privacy and security by setting up a Pi-hole!  It is free small DNS server that is "a black hole for Internet advertisements" that runs on a Raspberry Pi.  We'll talk briefly about the Raspberry Pi, then learn how to setup Pi-hole on your network for use with all of your devices.  With a low cost Raspberry Pi and an hour of setup time, we now surf faster and more securely, with nearly 40% of our DNS queries blocked.  Its amazing how much more enjoyable usi…
Beginner : Security Privacy Ad Blocking Performance

The Dating Game: How to identify interview red flags and stop working for bad emplo…

When job hunting in the technology world it can be difficult to find a good fit. Many of us have joined a company only to find out that it wasn't what we thought it would be and turned out to be a bad move and regretting our choice. 

There is a solution however! During the interview process many of these red flags are visible, which let's you identify a less than positive workplace before you even accept an offer. There are many subtle things that can be discovered, not only through questions…
Beginner : career interviewing social skills culture

The Leader's Toolkit - Powerful Practices in Talent Leadership & Management

Please join us when International Business Consultant & STEM University Instructor J. Dietenberger provides reflections on powerful leadership practices used around the globe.  If your professional journey has taken you from Code & I.T., to Entrepreneurship, and now to being in a Leadership and Management role, this 40-minute presentation is for you.  With Tech Talent, Skilled Developers, & Innovative Thought Leaders being in very high demand globally, J. Dietenberger will reflect on powerful le…

What's new in ASP.NET Core 3.0

Worker Services, gRPC and native JSON support - oh my! ASP.NET Core 3.0 is chock-full of features for building modern web apps and services. But what else is in store for this release? More importantly, what does the 3.0 release mean for your existing ASP.NET Core 2.x app?

Jump aboard for a code-heavy tour of the latest in ASP.NET Core. Leave the session with tips for upgrading from ASP.NET Core 2.x to 3.0, and knowledge of which features & enhancements will pay dividends in your app.
Intermediate : .NET Core ASP.NET Core C#

WTF GitHub: Don't take me so seriously

With more than 38 million active users, GitHub is by far the largest source code version control hosting provider in the world. And with all these users, there's bound to be frustration from time to time. In this talk we'll explore an Azure function written in C# 8.0 that handles a GitHub webhook for issues and pull requests. When it encounters profane content it takes appropriate action, by making the content more palatable and less offensive. We'll see how to orchestrate various technologies t…
Advanced : GraphQL C# CosmosDB Azure Functions GitHub API

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