Intro to Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Have you ever looked at recommendation engines and wondered "How on earth do they know I'd like that? Is the NSA involved?" Have you ever asked why you keep getting mailers from Pier 1 Imports even though you live alone with your mom? Many of these types of data processes are handled through machine learning algorithms. Basically, programs that teach software how to predict the future.
It used to be that only big Fortune 500 companies and grad students were able to play with machine learning. That's all been changed, though, with the recent release of Microsoft AzureML, a cloud-based drag-and-drop platform for bring machine learning to the masses. Now, with a lower entry point, and pay-as-you-go consumption, even weekend coders can participate.
In this session, I'll go over what machine learning is, typical use cases, and how to build a machine learning "experiment" in AzureML. We'll then see how easy it is to tie it into an application and bring the power of seeing the future to your apps today.
Beginner : machine learning azure prediction analytics