IoT Hands-On Lab

Tired of just IoT hype and theory? Are you ready to build, explore and discover?  The IoT Hands-On Lab is meant for you.  Whether you’re just getting acquainted, want a little boost from the community on your current project, or you’re an accomplished explorer, drop in to test your metal and connect with others who share your IoT interests.  Several of the MCU boards (Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, CubieBoard, and others will be available for your experimentation, but if you have a board and project, feel free to bring it).  There will also be sensors and controllers for those courageous enough to try their hand at controlling the world.  Start your journey as an inventor and creator.  (Warning!!! These devices and projects are highly addictive and fun.  They may cause changes in your life and an enhanced level of fun!)
Beginner : Hands-On Lab IoT Arduino RaspberryPi