IoT - Exploring and navigating the New World

It's hard to not notice all the buzz around IoT and the Maker Movement today. With so many MCU's, potential OS's, and language and development tools, getting started can seem overwhelming. Yet, if you consider yourself a discoverer or an inventor, there is no field of IT that offers more options and more exciting potential.
This session will help you over the first hurdles and give you the confidence to blaze your own trail. We begin by looking at some of the available development systems (RaspberryPi, BananaPi, Eleduino or CubieBoard, HummingBoard. Arduino, Netduino, Esquilo, ESP8266, NodeMCU,, emw3165, TI Launchpad,   and others) and looking at the strengths and weaknesses of each of these platforms. We'll discuss the basic hardware, the community resources and vendor support which can play a critical role in creating real products from these systems. We then look briefly at the explosive world of "shields" and sensors and how they can accelerate both your learning and product development. Then we take a look at a real project that takes just a little patience and the ability to learn a few new skills. The example project is an open source project that I contributed to the Dexter Industries project supporting the RaspberryPi2 and GrovePi Shield from Seeed Studio. 
Bring any questions, issues and/or frustrations and we will try to help you on your way.
Beginner : IoT MCU Sensors Electronics Hardware Inventor Designer