Ruby on Rails - Building a Blog with User Authentication in No Time

We will go over the basics of What is Ruby and Ruby on Rails ? And transition to building a blog using Ruby on Rails with user authentication. This session will focus on harnessing the powers of the Ruby on Rails framework and finally an easy way to deploy a Rails application to a public domain.

We will start with installing Ruby and Ruby on Rails on the local machine. Then, proceed to building a small version of a Blog application (CRUD based) with a Sqlite as the backend database. We will also make sure that our site has a simple login/user authentication to add a more production-ready feel to it. And then finally deploy the application on a public domain using Herkou, so that everyone can enjoy the newly built application.

If time persists, I will also go through an overview of Testing methods in Ruby on Rails and TDD.
Intermediate : blog ruby ruby on rails javascript html css heroku authentication MVC