Fiddler and Your Website

Fiddler is a great free tool for monitoring HTTP traffic between clients and web servers.  It is extremely helpful for troubleshooting web sites by easily identifying common problems, and can be used to pinpoint precisely where issues are in a complex web site.  Archives of web site interactions can be sent to other developers, operations, and third party companies for evaluation, including embedding screen shots.  There are many features that can be used to verify web performance best practices, and find areas of improvement.  Fiddler can also decrypt secure web traffic, and can be used to capture traffic from smartphones, tablets, and non-Windows platforms!  Learn about available extensions, and explore advanced techniques for extending Fiddler.  FiddlerCap is a very basic version that can be used by non-technical users to capture traces for issues with your web site.  Discover the power of manipulating requests and responses with breakpoints, filters, and a visual composer to send specific requests to a web server.  Fiddler will become an indispensable tool that is part of your daily web development!
Intermediate : Debugging Web Fiddler