Building Isomorphic JavaScript Applications with React and Node.js

"What if I told you, that you can develop a web application using React and Node.js... and have the same JavaScript components be executed on the client *or* the server?" -Morpheus, "The Matrix"

Welcome to the future of web application development and it’s called Isomorphic JavaScript Applications.

Isomorphic JavaScript Applications allow you to have shared JavaScript that runs on both the client and the server. This brave, exciting new world offers up endless possibilities that can help enhance your Single Page Application. By creating an isomorphic application, you can have a Single Page Application that is easier to maintain, is search engine indexable, gives way to performance optimizations, and is more user friendly.

In this session, we'll argue about the use of word "isomorphic", hopefully put our differences aside, and we'll see what it takes to craft a simple, isomorphic application using React and Node.js... that can be rendered on either the client or the server.
Advanced : Web javascript node.js SPA react isomorphic