Making IoT Devices: PCB to Cloud

We all want to create devices and see them come to life. Making your own electronics is not as intimidating as you think. In the last 8 years, the Maungs have built their own robots and IoT devices from the ground up. They have seen the magic smoke or shorted electronics, splashed acid to etch custom PCB boards and deployed them in live environments from their own homes, cars, to devices in hospitals to monitor patients. In this workshop, the Maungs will show you how to design your very own schematics, make the PCB, and have the electronics communicate to Azure IoT. Agenda: 1. Design schematics 2. Create PCB boards 3. Solder components 4. Program IoT device 5. Create Reports and consume data Takeaways: 1. Basic electronic safety 2. Ability to design custom electronic schematics 3. Understanding of soldering parts 4. Programming and flashing microcontroller 5. Understand microcontroller communication with IoT Cloud 6. Ability to create reports with PowerBI
Beginner : IoT Windows Development MicroController Cloud Azure Power BI BI PCB schematics