"Hey Google, how do I create actions for the Assistant?"

This session was originally created in February of 2017, was called "Hey Google, how do I create actions for the Home?", and focused on creating Google Home actions (for the one GH device) on api.ai.

It's now the fall of 2017, Actions on Google now work on both the Google Home (in fact, all three Google Homes) and the Google Assistant, and api.ai is now dialogflow.com.  Also, since that time, the following features have been added to the Home:
	- Assign multiple user accounts to a Home
	- Per-user voice recognition
	- Call phones using either a Google Voice number or your current phone number
	- Add reminders to your calendar
That doesn't include upcoming features like routines (One command, multiple events), broadcasts (send messages to one or all Homes in a house), Find My Phone, and Send to My Phone.  Did I mention the Home's only been out for a year?

Given everything going on with the Google Home and Google Assistant, it's a perfect time to hop on the hype train and learn how to make your own Actions on Google.  We'll walk through what the Home can do, review the variety of devices, and then dig into Dialogflow to create an Action.

We can look at how you utilize Intents to handle user requests, special responses for users on a phone (or whenever Google releases the Home Display, which will likely happen), and even how advanced fulfillment works with webhooks.  I will almost certainly call Dialogflow "api.ai" at least twice, but don't worry, the logic still applies!  By the end of the session, we'll even have an Action up and running for testing on the Home.
Beginner : cloud assistant google google home ai dialogflow google assistant