Hands-On with Angular 2!

JavaScript is taking over web development.  The little scripting language created 20 years ago (in 10 days, no less) has turned into a legitimate tool for everything from corporate websites to native mobile applications to web servers.
The shift from minor web scripting language to multi-purpose powerhouse has brought on an explosion of new JavaScript frameworks and libraries.  There are many different ones currently available, with more popping up each day.
How on earth are you supposed to pick one?  Will the framework/library/toolset/whatever even be around in six months?  Will it continue to be maintained?  Does anyone know about it on StackOverflow? (Don't laugh, we all know this is important.)
Angular 2 is one of the few frameworks that actually checks all of those boxes.  Created by a team at Google, Angular is definitely not your standard open-source project.  A full team is continuing to improve and refine the framework, and don't worry, StackOverflow is full of questions (almost 20K) and answers.
This will be a hands-on session!  The best way to learn about Angular is to actually get into the code and see things work.  We'll go through the concepts behind an Angular app, look at how it compares to other JavaScript frameworks out there, and then hit the ground running with an actual app.
It's highly recommended to have your own laptop for this session.  Installing node/npm ahead of time will speed things up, as well as globally installing the following npm libraries/tools: typescript, lite-server, angular-cli, typings.
Beginner : angular angularjs javascript