Chi Huynh

I am self-learning Pharo, a pure OOP language based off of Smalltalk, a language developed by a research group led by Alan Kay at Xerox PARC. I consider myself a late bloomer. Learning Smalltalk really tapped into my curiosity and that was when this cycle began where I started to wonder how computers and the Internet worked. I knew nothing when I started learning Pharo in early 2018. I joined a student Pharo Club, virtually, with students from Lviv, Ukraine; I joined the Discord group to ask a lot of questions, and I connected with other Smalltalkers on Twitter. After volunteering at the European Smalltalk User Group in Italy for a week and meeting the people behind the Twitter handles, I was completely inspired. When I came back to Milwaukee, I resigned from my job as a junior website data analyst to focus on Smalltalk and continue building my skills and understanding of how the Internet works. I have never wanted to understand and learn something so bad! For me, the journey is important, because that is the memorable and fun part. Through this, I have learned so much about computers but most importantly, on HOW I learn and the various methods one can learn. I hope to inspire young people who want to start to begin to be curious and ask questions. Essentially, my message is to be curious about the world and what is around you. Play with the world and see how it works and you will be bewildered and in awe. That's just the best feeling. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with an International Studies Major. I like doing yoga and power-lifting during the evenings.