Amazon Echo, What I Can Do With Windows 10 IoT Devices?

The future that you have dream of is here! We have the technology. We have the capability to make anything we touch come alive. We can make things better... stronger... faster... smarter... more responsive... We can tell Alexa and Cortana to play music, give us reminders and better yet, become interactive with the rest of the household. In this session, Lwin (and Min) will show you how to have Alexa (Amazon Echo) and Cortana (Microsoft) control lights in your house, take reminders, play music and more using Amazon API and Windows Voice Command Definition extensibility API while interacting with custom Internet of Things (IOT) devices and modules to interact with day to day surroundings such as lights in your room, or thermostat in your hall way.

Beginner : Alexa Amazon Echo Windows 10 Windows 10 IoT