Building software products in a weekend (really!)

A programming language agnostic talk about methods and strategies that you can use to get a Minimum Viable Product out of the door quickly for your business or side-project. No more procrastinating or adding "just one more feature," this talk will show you how to release a MVP sooner so that you can validate your product. 

- How to boil your idea down to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
- Time-saving development tips that work for any language.
- Valuing yourself based on your end product, not your code.
- My 3-Step "Find It, Buy It, Build It" Development Process.
- How to plan out your project so that you can really get it "done" in a weekend. 

The audience should come armed with programming knowledge to put these techniques into practice, and should also have an idea they want to make a reality!
Beginner : side-projects startups minimum viable product