Developer Tools for AI and Machine Learning ⛏️⚙️🔧🧰

Getting started with AI and machine learning can be daunting. Use my research - we'll discuss several different tools that I find valuable and the different reasons. We'll take a quick walk-through each one so you get a better understanding. Covering pros and cons, providing suggestions on what they're good for in terms of possible goals, aligning with technical stacks, costs, and what their roadmaps look like.

Some of the tools we'll cover include:
Google's Cloud Machine Learning Engine
AWS SageMaker
Azure Machine Learning Studio

You'll walk away with understanding the major players in the AI and machine learning tools space. Your barrier to entry on doing some AI work or play will be lowered by knowing these tools. At the very least, you'll be able to speak more of the AI jargon around the water cooler! However, these tools may give you a leg up when your company decides to go further with AI and you could help lead that effort!
Beginner : ai artificialintelligence ml machinelearning tools azure aws gcp tensorflow keras pytorch anaconda jupyter