The Dating Game: How to identify interview red flags and stop working for bad employers.

When job hunting in the technology world it can be difficult to find a good fit. Many of us have joined a company only to find out that it wasn't what we thought it would be and turned out to be a bad move and regretting our choice. 

There is a solution however! During the interview process many of these red flags are visible, which let's you identify a less than positive workplace before you even accept an offer. There are many subtle things that can be discovered, not only through questions you ask the interviewer, but even what you notice as you walk through their office. 

This talk is about helping developers to remember that an interview works both ways and they need to be looking at the companies they might join just as in depth as those companies look at them, if not more-so, and to give them the knowledge of knowing what to look for when looking at prospective employers. 
Beginner : career interviewing social skills culture