Google + Alexa: Cross-Assistant Apps

tl;dr - We'll discuss bots, compare Alexa and Google, and dig into how we can build one API for both platforms.

Remember when the Echo was made available back in late 2014?  It was invite only, then Prime only, then finally available for everyone the next summer.  Only, most people didn't really seem to care.  What does it even do?  Why should I bother?  Can't I just use my phone?

Quite a lot has changed with voice assistants in the past four-plus years; there now are approximately 7,000 Echo devices, the trio of Google Homes are quickly taking more and more market share, and many third-party manufacturers are creating their own voice-enabled devices.  We can interact with these devices just by talking, and now some can even respond with visuals (though not quite in the same way as a phone or tablet.)  

We're going to talk a bit about where we were, a bit more about where we are now, plus discuss how people's day-to-day is being made easier thanks to their AI assistants.  We'll look at both platforms to compare and contrast.  We'll even dig into some code to learn how we can build our own fulfillment API.
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