Kotlin - Less Code, More Fun

tl;dr - Write less (but safer!) code in your Android apps or any JVM-based projects

Ever work on an Android app and tire of all the boilerplate code?  Or spend hours chasing down NullPointerExceptions in your Java app?  Enter Kotlin, JetBrains' new(ish) free, open-source programming language that targets the JVM.  This means you can use it everywhere you use Java, but with a modern, succinct syntax.

For native Android developers, Kotlin is not only available, but it's now considered a first-class language.   You're able to write an app completely with Kotlin, or switch over entire components, or even just change your models to Kotlin's data classes (which removes a TON of boilerplate code.)

Oh, and for anyone using Java elsewhere, you can add in Kotlin code to your existing application.  Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java, meaning all your existing code/libraries/tests will work with any Kotlin code you write.

Doing JavaScript development?  Kotlin can be transpiled into ES5, and there are even libraries available to use React or Angular with Kotlin.

C# dev working on any kind of Java project?  You'll feel much more at home with Kotlin, given features like nullable types, properties (rather than getters/setters), and extension methods.

We'll walk through Kotlin's features, check out the syntax, and even create a small Android application so you can see Kotlin in action.
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