Campfire Stories: Creating a Culture of Learning and Sharing

At my workplace, we have a fairly successful Developer Learning and Sharing group that meets every 2 weeks.  We have been able to cover some very timely topics and with a good deal of depth in our learning.  Regular attendance is over 50% of developers and growing.  Also, this group now is seen as a primary resource for guiding some of our development processes.

We've definitely had some growing pains in getting to this point, and I'd like to share with you some of the tips that we found most successful to allow you to avoid some of the pain.

Some of the things covered will be :
How to build a solid core of members to steer the group.
How to focus meetings on relevant topics.
How to get volunteer presenters.
How to get buy-in from management.
How to effect organizational change from developers up.
Beginner : Culture Learning Sharing Training Knowledge Sharing