Zero UI and 3D UI is the new BLACK

Ai is an ever popular and growing technology around us. As our devices become smaller and more powerful, we are now at the new dawn of an era with zero user interface. Conversely, how do you express and design for a 3D world on a 2D screen? our world is changing right before our eyes. Moving away from the glowing rectangles on our tables, pockets, and hands, we will show you how to put on a HoloLens and interact with Cortana. We will show you how to create both 2D and 3D applications and use Zero UI simultaneously for interactivity. Why limit yourself to a mouse, keyboard, and a glowing screen when you can be hands free? We will discuss ineffective uses of Zero UI and proper design. We will utilize Microsoft LUIS (natural language engine) to make your Ai smarter. 
Beginner : Design UI/UX Alexa Echo Cortana IoT AI