Apprentice to Master: Tech Lead and beyond…Drink your Milk and Cookies!

You have been a developer for a few years, you’ve worked on some big projects/teams and you have honed your coding skills, and now you are thinking about the next step in your career progression: tech lead. As a tech lead, you will be expected to lead the technical design process for your team and write great code. But you will also be expected to perform many non-technical tasks, like translating the business requirements to technical tasks and vice versa, assigning, delegating, and leading work, mentoring other developers, building relationships, and making sure the overall implementation goes smoothly.
In short, you not only need top notch technical skills, but will also need a whole new array of skills to successfully transition into the role of tech lead.  In this talk, I’ll identify the key technical and soft skills you need, strategies for acquiring these skills and the mindset changes you will need to undergo in order to succeed in your new role.  Milk and Cookies anyone?
Beginner : career management soft skills leadership