Trilateration with iBeacon (How the big brother watches over you in retail and more)

You are walking down an aisle of BestBuy looking for a new Wireless router. You receive a message on your phone from BestBuy with sales ads on selection of routers. No it is not blind luck that you received that message. It is a perfectly timed piece of ads that us produced by technology that used trilateration and iBeacons to determine your location within an indoor space.
This session will feature live code on iBeacon usage and tracking on iOS (and Android time permitting) by using Xamarin. In this session, Lwin will show you how to use a single iBeacon to show you when you are near iBeacons. Further, he will show you how someone can use it to track you indoors without the use of GPS. Welcome to 2016. Big brother really is watching you.
Beginner : beacons ibeacons bluetoothlowenergy btle mobile iot