Back-ends? Where we're going, we don't need...back-ends...

Dynamic back-ends are great. If you have content that is frequently changing, or user-generated content, you almost can't build your site without some sort of dynamic back-end - whether it is a framework like ASP.NET MVC or a CMS like WordPress.

But dynamic back-ends are complex, and often our websites are not. A dynamic back-end is just not the right tool for something as simple as a blog or style guide. If you've found yourself spinning up an instance of your favorite CMS to get a simple website online, and the complexity didn't sit right with you, this session is for you.

Join me and we'll talk about how something called the JAM stack can help you eliminate unnecessary architecture and complexity in websites. I'll show how a combination of the command line, your favorite text editor, client-side javascript, and online services can get a simple website on the internet in a matter of minutes. 
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