Android: Finding Divinity Between Marshmallow and Nougat

This session was once entitled "Android 6.0 Marshmallow - Making Some Campfire S'mores", covering the great features coming to your device: Doze + App Standby, Google Now on Tap, and Auto Backup. It also included a look at how to handle the new (and much better) way Android handles permissions. It was an overview of the listed features plus others, allowing you to not only discover how Marshmallow will make your phone better (and last longer), but how to develop Android apps to utilize (or protect against, in the case of Doze) these features.  

However… Android 7.0 Nougat was recently released and is now out in the wild. Marshmallow is still very relevant and needed info for Android developers (and users), but it wasn't quite enough.  

Therefore, we now have Android: Finding Divinity Between Marshmallow and Nougat. I'm keeping in the same great Marshmallow info as before, but now you're getting a bonus operating system version! We'll cover the great UI changes for notifications as well as the official way to handle multiple windows at once. You'll learn about what "Project Svelte" means for your phone (and apps), how to know when users want to limit their data usage (and how to help them do just that). Finally, we'll review the handy new updates to Doze and Permission handling, making these Marshmallow updates even better.  

Come on out, hear about the latest TWO versions of Android, learn how your Android devices will just get better, and discover all the ways you can make your apps do more for your users.
Beginner : android mobile